case study
case study

A brand to tell the power of Nature

A new identity to show the power of chemical-free products to restore the natural balance in the fields.


Bioma is a Swiss firm that creates products for Agriculture and Zootechnics, in particular fertilisers and pesticides, produced without the use of organic chemistry but applying the biological process instead. The provocative decision not to adopt a chemical-free approach represents a paradigm shift, an ethical choice that aims to restore the balance in the soil ecosystem.

Bioma applies the Geolife® technology to create its products. At the moment, the brand is well known in Mexico but almost ignored in Europe where it suffers from the fact that the word ‘biome’ is quite common.

A biome /ˈbaɪoʊm/ is a community of plants and animals that have common characteristics for the environment they exist in. They can be found over a range of continents. Biomes are distinct biological communities that have formed in response to a shared physical climate. “Biome” is a broader term than “habitat”; any biome can comprise a variety of habitats.

The firm has its salesforce and directly cares its sales strategy. Company representatives and consultants promote the products directly to farmers and oenologist, so a consistent and effective communication represents a crucial point in the policy of the company.

Bioma asked us to redesign its brand, and it’s communication strategy to improve its capability to spread its values, especially in the zoology and oenology fields.

Understand the brand ecosystem

To better understand how the final client knows and relate to the product of Bioma, we have created a detailed map of the customer experience from the moment when he or she acknowledges the products to the opinion on its actual use in the fields.

We have conducted a research phase to understand better:

  • the perception of the brand Bioma and the Geolife® technology-
  • the experience clients live when using product and services offered by the company
  • the win and the pain point of their experience
  • the enhancement opportunities for the communication strategy.

We have thus realised a benchmark of the competitors, interviews with oenologists and farmers in Europe, and field research- and we mean in the fields, actually – to observe the use of the products and the relationship between the farmers and the company.

We got some insights that help us address the design phase and build the brand guidelines.

The right moment for a new brand

Working on the brand didn’t mean design only a new logo, but rethink the entire communication strategy. The final customers can now directly buy the products, and the company wisely decided to simplify its visual style to facilitate their relationship.

A new conversation with the farmers

The new corporate identity has been conceived to help the clients to understand better the offer and simplifies their connection with Bioma and the Geolife® technology. We have thus abandoned the symbol of the atom because it was perceived as too much cerebral, close to the idea of chemistry and too far from the primaeval nature.

A typography to convey rigour and assurance

We choose a typography with a strong and solid personality drawn by Lubalin and Carnasse in the 70’ and, since then, recognised a symbol of innovation. We broke with the standard style of the chemical industry to underline the paradigm shift represented by the chemical-free choice.

Connections with the Geolife® technology.

The Geolife® technology is the catalyst for the microbiological processes. We have decided not to mix the agent technology with the brand of the company but create a distinctive identity for the products so to conceive their value.

Towards a new communication strategy

Bioma has not a strong digital presence, it communication strength lies in the personal relationship with the farmers and its presence in the fairs. Nevertheless, we have thus studied a communication plan that also covers the digital part.

The company website is going to become the place where, together with the information received by the Bioma ambassador, the clients got further information and form a definite opinion on the products and the chemical-free philosophy.