Be responsible, enjoy freedom!

Sketchin is a place that is similar to its people.

We are a tight-knit group of men and women that share the same vision on design, strive for the utmost quality and enjoy life.

Explore and play

We have to live diverse experiences if we want to evolve them. So there are strange gadgets around to play with, many nights out with colleagues, day trips and non-work chatting.

There is life outside design

We all have our lives outside of work: passions, family, pets, the latest episode of our beloved tv show to watch. We always pursue the balance between duties and our lives.

There is a word for all this: ikigai

It means ‘reasons of being’ in Japanese (you know, Japanese stuff rocks in Sketchin). Namely, Sketchin is a crossroad between what our people love, what they’re good at, what they can be paid for, and what the world needs.

Why you should consider joining us

Plural teams

Our teams are made up by people with different skills, so that we can learn from each other and improve as professionals.

Cool people:

Our people are not only talented but never boring, snob or dull. It is a pleasure to live and work with them (most of the time).

No hierarchy

We have a flat organization: there are different roles, but everyone contributes to the decision making.

Different industries

Our teams don't focus on a single industry (we know that designers get bored quickly and when they are bored the outcomes are poor).

One project at a time

Juggling between projects is always a mess, so we try to deal with one at a time (but sometimes shit happen)

Continuous improvement

We try to improve day by day; moreover every year we shut down the studios, go to a nice place and start a three days retrospective during which everything can be questioned.

Still not enough?

We got also: Training budget, Language budget, Birthday off, Christmas break, Summer break, Remote working, Flexible working hours and Self-managed hours

Join us?

We are always looking for cool people that share our vision of design, business and life.

Show us what you got!