Virtual and augmented reality

Living experiences beyond the normal perception

The rapid growth of Virtual and Augmented Reality has disclosed a new batch of immersive experiences that enhance the world around us—or sometimes take us to a different world entirely. We can help you bring your product and services to a further dimension.

What you'll get

  • A scenario that explain how to enhance the offer with VR and Augmented Reality
  • A service design strategy to ensure an efficient use of those technologies
  • UX and UI for the Virtual and Augmented reality interfaces

Some real applications

Toyota Racing Team

A diagnostic tool for those who run fast

We have helped Toyota race team define the concept and the design strategy for a remote and multi-device collaboration tool to allows a complete control of the car and the engine in every condition.

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Envision the future with Augmented Reality

In partnership with Epson and Joinpad, we have helped 8 companies imagine how to use the Augmented Reality to enhance their services and internal processes.

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