UX Engineering

Maintain a high end-to-end quality product from envisioning to development

Our UXE team applies a solid design mindset to new technologies (cutting edge web apps, embedded systems, Arduino, drones, AI, unity, VR) to offer superior experiences to the final users. Our engineers are technology advisors and prototypers with strong knowledge in UX design, whose goal is to support clients’ dev teams to correctly understand and prioritise product development, to maintain a high end-to-end quality product.

What you'll get

  • A clear vision of the technological and implementation opportunities
  • An assessment aimed to verify the feasibility of design solutions
  • An actionable plan to develop the design and support the clients’ dev teams

Some real applications

Ticino Turismo

Enjoy the sunny side of Switzerland

We helped Ticino Turismo create its new digital/physical strategy in order to enhance the experience of those who wish to discover, reach and visit the sunniest Canton of Switzerland.

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How to improve the B2B experience

We have helped Sap make its offer more understandable creating a configurator that drives the salesforce in the personalized choice of the most suitable product for the clients’ needs.

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