Design leadership, coaching and mentoring

Coaching firms to develop a design driven mindset

Design gives business the power to generate value, differentiate from the competitor and thus archive a consistent advantage. We share tools and expertise with companies who want to incorporate a design thinking attitude within their organization and train both leaders and employees to acquire a different perspective.

What you'll get

  • A new mindset focused on problem solving and innovation
  • A common language and understanding of design potential
  • The awareness of the benefit coming from an experience centred insights

Some real applications

Private Banking

Designing the new private banking service model

We have trained 1850 Financial Advisors of Allianz to approach their services from a CX oriented point of view.

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FC Internazionale Milano

An incessant conversation between fans and clubs

Inter released a new mobile app that becomes the club’s official voice, the tool has been designed to change over time and quickly evolve with new releases and features.

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