case study
case study

Enjoy the sunny side of Switzerland

We helped Ticino Turismo create its new digital/physical strategy in order to enhance the experience of those who wish to discover, reach and visit the sunniest Canton of Switzerland.

ClientTicino Turismo
Ticino Turismo

A digital journey to discover Ticino

Ticino is the only Mediterranean canton in Switzerland and the nation’s main tourist destination. Each year 1.1M people visit its mountains and lakes and attend festivals and its numerous, unique folk events.

The Ticino Turismo challenge was to create a new digital experience that, within the main objective to promote Ticino worldwide, would allow people to easily discover the opportunities offered by the area and better organise their travel experience.

Many souls, many ways to explore Ticino

We conducted a deep study based on Big Data owned by Ticino Turismo, to better understand how people plan and organise their visit to the canton. This data-driven research gave us the chance to collect a lot of qualitative insights, eg: tourists behaviours related to geographical position and seasonality.

We found out that the majority of Swiss people who visit Ticino use digital channels for regular updates on activities and places of interest (that they often already know). Instead, the tourists who come from abroad use digital channels to build anticipated memories of their experience in the region and their use of information is more lasting and wide-ranging.


Inspire and suggest, like a friend

We created a digital experience able to move people toward Ticino’s attractions in a simple and inspiring way, modelled around their needs, like if they were suggestions from a good old friend.

The ecosystem is made of, firstly, a website and some social channels that help tourists discover the area, explore the opportunities and organise their trip with ease. Then, a mobile application that allows them to find their way around once they arrive in Ticino, even without an internet connection.

The easiest way to discover the beauty of Ticino

We developed the strategy and designed a responsive multi-channel site, whose technological and visual design was taken care of by Tinext. The site’s organisation is tailored to enhance at its best the experience: clear, immediate and well-organized information, a strong narrative/storytelling format that enhances the territory and allows for different types of users to meet their travel and leisure needs.

The ecosystem is complemented by a companion app that allows for a seamless experience with the site and takes tourists to discover and explore the area.

Mobile first, multi-channel and responsive

Organising a trip is a complex process involving a variety of devices over a long period of time; in this case, it is essential that a site is easily accessible from mobile devices too, therefore we designed a responsive, mobile-first system to provide a smoother experience, regardless of the place and way of interaction.

Storytelling, places and emotion

Content has been designed using a narrative and visual approach capable of stirring emotions and facilitating the creation of memories even before the journey begins

Find inspiration

We designed a tool that offers tourism experiences, curated by editors and built around visitor characteristics in order to capture their interests and inspire them while planning their trip. E.g.: Do you want to experience romantic Ticino?

Visit Ticino App

We designed a companion application (it works with or without an internet connection) to find places, events, itineraries and tourist activities that take place around and can be saved for future visits or retrieved from the website.

A new strategy for Ticino

With this project, Ticino launches a new tourism promotion strategy that will be integrated in the coming months with other physical and digital experiences that cater to specific tourist niches.