case study
case study

How to improve the B2B experience

We have helped Sap make its offer more understandable creating a configurator that drives the salesforce in the personalized choice of the most suitable product for the clients’ needs.

SAP Cloud Configurator

In the world, there are plenty of companies that have chosen SAP to manage their Operations and Customer Services. The solutions SAP offers are various and try to solve the needs of a large number of B2B entities: from the aerospace industry to healthcare, from sport to telecommunications. In such a complicated scenario, finding the right solution for each need is not always easy.The SAP sales force and the client might get lost facing the choice.

That’s why SAP asked us to redesign their cloud configurator; a tool supporting its clients — middle managers looking for software solutions to enhance the efficiency of their divisions — and the sales force in exploring its offer. The existing tool had serious usability issues and required a heavy cognitive load to be understood; it implied the complete knowledge of the SAP offer and, moreover, was not even pleasant.

The goal was clear and challenging: develop in 4 weeks only a solution revolving the company communication from a company-centred approach to a user-centred one. The new cloud configurator should easily frame the B2B clients’ needs and, doing so, become a source of qualified leads and actual support for the sales.

The project team has thus started an intense co-design session involving all the stakeholders — designers, clients and developers — in 4 subsequent iterations. During each sprint, the experience offered by the configurator has been progressively defined to achieve the current state.

A solution is an assistive tool that makes evident the value of every single product; a guide in the personalised choice of the most suitable product for the clients’ needs, according to a progressive disclosure approach. In the same time, the cloud configurator diminishes the people’s cognitive load using solutions inspired by gamebooks: small, simple decisions help to frame the need.

We have designed a step-by-step flow that enlights the reason behind every little choice so that, at the end of the configuration, the benefits the clients’ can get from purchasing a SAP product are evident. The configurator creates an immersive experience, helping the clients focus completely on the SAP offering.

We have adopted some distinctive design solutions:

  • we have been inspired by Google Material Design to make the interface simple and intuitive;
  • we have chosen animations to increase the affordance and favourite the users understanding;
  • to make the configurator a tool efficiently supporting the sales, we have optimised the website for a tablet resolution;
  • we have defined a flexible visual language compatible with SAP future evolution.

The new cloud configurator was successfully presented at the Milan SAP Forum in November 2014 and, because of its faculty to meet the clients’ need and behaviours, the same approach is going to be extended to others SAP products and solutions in Europe.