case study
case study

Designing the new private banking service model

A service that orbits around the role of the financial advisors and the burst that the new technologies can give the experience they offer.

ClientPrivate Banking

Our client is a global leader and employer in insurance and financial services in more than 70 countries worldwide.

We have designed a new private banking service model: our project originated from a need for redefining the role of the financial advisor and the bank’s organizational and information model.

1600 financial advisors involved
5 countries
8 weeks f project

We helped design a more human-centered service model, where exponential technologies empower the financial advisors, making them offer a superior quality service to the finals users.

First, we assessed the current service model that involved the relationship between the final client and the financial advisor and, thus, with the bank itself. Involving more than 1500 financial advisors, we understood their end-to-end working experience and we identified the empowerment opportunity.

We used the information we gathered in this first phase to set a vision of the future service and we reshaped the service model across all the customer journey identifying some technological and organisational initiatives.

You know, working with big companies is tough. So many of the outcomes of the projects are confidential. We can not say nor show more than this.