case study
case study

A new way of exploring fashion, every day

The first fully responsive Italian online magazine that changes the way you browse and keeps up to date on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle.


Grazia: gorgeous, modern, and remote

Grazia is one of Mondadori ’s most well-known magazines featuring fashion, beauty, and Italian lifestyle.

In 2011 the online magazine gave itself a new look, becoming more modern, yet less user-friendly.

Our challenge was ambitious: improving the reading experience while maintaining the creative guidelines; a careful re-design aimed to get closer to people’s behaviour, and so increasing the adoption performances.

+79,18% pages viewed after adding the infinite scroll feature.
+157,3% pages viewed in the “Fashion show” section.
+10,4% times on the magazine’s online format.
-27,5% bouncing off the magazine.

What women want

By carrying out a usability test, we pinpointed the website’s major issues and the users’ specific needs, identifying those elements that would have made the online magazine’s user experience more comfortable for Grazia’s readers -that is, Italian women of all ages- and creating customer loyalty.

Exploring Grazia’s world

Imagine a digital magazine that maximizes the user’s visual and reading experience on any device and on any screen, always capable of valuing the excellent contents that Grazia offers its readers.

The first fully responsive Italian online magazine

We designed a non-linear user experience, adding elements of serendipity, an exploratory surfing mode, and cherry picking. This way readers can discover high-quality contents and extraordinary photos, on any screen and on any device.


Thanks to an endlessly scrollable interface, following Pinterest’s trend-setting example, the homepage allows the user to discover ever new and curious contents in a casual manner, playing on the reader’s curiosity and the beautiful photography.

Responsive and adaptable to screens of all sizes

The interface adapts to devices having a medium, large, or extra-large screen, assuring utmost readability. This allows the reader to always enjoy the contents and photos at their best.

A new advertising experience

To make sure advertisers get the same quality of investment on all devices, we must deal with persistence and quality of advertisement placement within a responsive website. Together with the advertising agency, we are working on how to integrate ads in an elegant and pleasant way, coming up with new formats capable of reducing the gap between the ad and the magazine’s content.

Integration in the print magazine

Following the excellent results obtained with this project, Grazia is presently carrying on interface testing, aiming to achieve integration in new mobile devices, whilst taking its ‘relationship’ with the print and digital formats to an all new level.