case study
case study

An incessant conversation between fans and clubs

We have helped Internazionale Milano FC build a stronger relation with its supporters offering them customized services and valuable content via the new mobile app.

ClientFC Internazionale Milano
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Team sports find their raison d’être when athletes share passion and mutual understanding also with supporters. Clubs do their best to keep this fire burning bright and reinforce this relationship.

F.C. Internazionale Milano needed a new mobile app in its digital ecosystem that could become the club’s official voice in a scenario of a plurality of unofficial apps and websites owned by fans


66000 downloads in the first 12 hours

The Inter App is the Inter’s voice in talking to each of its fans in a personal way, and delivers a customised experience while creating a long-term and valuable relationship with fans as a community (and its micro-communities).


We have collected a broad database of insights from football fans all over the world through a survey that involved more than 20.000 people in 11 different Countries. We also carried out a field research activity in order to directly interview fans during matches in stadiums, in cafés or in Inter Clubs and a workshop with representatives of a selection of Italian Inter Clubs.

Through all these research activities we got meaningful insights on the way different kinds of supporter live their relationship with the Club.

Some of the activities we have conducted during the research phase: shadowing, field research, interviews and workshops.

A first release and a roadmap to evolve

It was mandatory to keep a dual focus on the project: on one side design and develop a strong first release of the app with a great initial technological boost, and at the same time set an evolution roadmap in order to continuously release new engaging features over time. For the development of the app, we partnered with Vidiemme Consulting, a software development company born in 2004.


The app’s main page is based on a card-like content flow, to engage users in a friendly way through a user interface and content flow that remind a social network.


The app is meant to be the perfect companion for all kinds of fans, reaching them when they need it, turning the relationship from a classic pull to a push model. This allows Inter to communicate important and dedicated news and information, based on user needs and content selection.


One of the missions of the App is to profile users over time, to be able to enrich CRM data and engage each fan with the best possible content. From the very beginning of the experience, the first step to set up personal preferences and settings in the Inter mobile App is through a configuration page that allows the App to gather user data.

An algorithm collects the content according to geolocalization, the day of the week and user's main tongue.


Ticketing is one of the sections reachable from the menu and from specific cards in the explore content flow. When tickets are available users also receive push notifications to be driven straight to the ticket page, right when the information becomes relevant. The live match section is the core of the app experience while the game is on.