case study
case study

Energy for everyone

We have mix design and technology to transfigure the retail service into an inclusive, zero-stress, and customer-centric experience.


At the beginning of 2017, Enel started a broad process of digital transformation to redefine its offering and the internal structure charged to deliver it. The project goal was to upgrade the retail experience from a full customer-centric perspective.

We were going to face a serious challenge: our design would impact on many people, both end users and employees. Enel is the largest energy utility in Europe, distributes electricity and gas to more than 64 million customers in 37 countries, and employs more than 60 thousand people.

Crucial features of the envisioned experience were the introduction of the real-time feedback on the services delivered by Enel using the actual touchpoints, yet transfigured by the latest technologies, and the involvement of 100% of the customer base, instead of just the smart and tech-savvy early adopters.

During the 28 weeks that followed the kick-off, a team composed by six designers led the company on a voyage that required more than 24 workshops involving top management and employees from different business units and produced seven customer journeys and more than 20 prototypes.

You know, working with big companies is tough. So many of the outcomes of the projects are confidential. We can not say nor show more than this.