case study
case study

Beyond books: education in the digital age

Helping DeA Scuola enhance the school's experience of students, parents and teachers with a new digital ecosystem.

ClientDe Agostini Scuola

Towards a new era in education

We are at the end of an educational era designed for the 3rd industrial revolution. The educational system, schools, teacher and students are struggling to cope with the opportunities given by technology and digital tools.

De Agostini Scuola is the branch active in the educational sector of De Agostini, a Publishing company founded in 1901.

They asked us to redesign the DeA Scuola website around the need of its users

One school, many educational paths

In the initial stages of the project, we have interviewed teachers, parents, students and agents to understand the level of digitalization in schools and how they choose textbooks and activate their digital versions, how they prepare lessons and homework, how teachers conduct lessons and prepare tests to evaluate the students.

All the information collected, together with those received by DeA Scuola, helped us to design a service blueprint to define the new shape of the experience offered to the three main targets: students, parents and teachers.

Personalized navigation experience
We have conceived a navigation pattern tailored to the need of each cluster of users starting directly from the homepage so to provide the different targets with only relevant content, news and tools, give particular visibility to frequent actions (e.g. activate books) and ensure access to the main touchpoints of the DeA Scuola ecosystem.

Search made easy
Thus we have enhanced the search tool within the entire DeA Scuola catalogue and the ecosystem of related content so that everyone could easily and precisely reach the right information. We have also conceived diversified searching paths for each target, discipline and school level.

A book is not all we can see on the paper

A book is not merely a book, it’s the starting point of an educational system that is made by a set of digital resources and tools that expand its educational potential.

Teachers and students can benefit from this ecosystem to broaden the opportunities and define a personalized and flexible learning framework tailored to the students’ skills and needs.

Book sites
Every book has its websites book: the main access point to the contents and resources related to the book. Its layout and structure are consistent with the physical copy, resources – such as exercises or tools for the teacher – follow the chapter structure to ensure a unique learning experience across every touchpoint.

Personal area

Every user has its own personal area that represents the entire spectrum of opportunities tailored to its needs:

  • Teachers can have access to all the books they have chosen as well as to the virtual classrooms, to the tools to create tests and prepare the lessons, to the updating opportunities.
  • Students can access their books and the related digital resources and take advantage of a tool that helps them in doing their research homework.  
  • Parents can activate the digital resources on behalf of their kids and brows into the books their children use at school.

All the bricks in the wall

Dea Scuola enriches its offer and present new tools very often, and it should be autonomous in updating its catalogue and in creating its future services.

By creating a design library, using atomic design methodologies and responsive design, we have created a catalogue of 300+ ready-to-implement components: such as colors, typography, icons, buttons, form fields, cards, etc. each with its own variations and a series of application and maintenance rule.

A Design System ensures the consistency of the design on every touchpoint. Above all, it means being able to design regardless of the specific channel to ensure relevance in any context.