What we think about experience

Experience is the combination of perceptions, emotions, memories, responses and knowledge that result from an interaction, actual or expected, with a product, a system, a service or a brand.

It concerns everything that a person feels before (expectation), during (the proper experience) and after (memories) this interaction.

We are in the Customer Age.

Today people want enriched experiences that improve their lives.
Customers reward companies whose products exceed their expectations.

Brands that address this shift by building their business around a brand of listening and working with customers become and stay profitable over time.

5 facts we know about experience

Experience is what people go through when they interact with the world

We have to live diverse experiences if we want to evolve them. So there are strange gadgets around to play with, many nights out with colleagues, day trips and non-work chatting.

Experience can be improved 
and can evolve into new forms

Understanding people’s day by day experiences allows designing better forms that, in this way, turn out to be more useful, simple, and pleasing.

A positive experience improves people’s lives

Improving means making people feel at ease and satisfied, and it means making the moment they go through the experience more natural and enjoyable.

A positive experience goes beyond people’s expectations

Being able to surprise people in a positive way is proof of a high-quality experience.

A positive experience is simple and clear

A positive experience is self-explanatory because it’s intuitive and crystal clear.

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