What we think about experience.

  1. Experience is what people go through when they interact with the world.

    Going through an experience is a natural, subjective and plural process that each person experiments in a personal way. This is why it can’t be unequivocally predetermined.

  2. Experience can be improved and can evolve into new forms.

    Understanding people’s day by day experiences allows to design better forms that, in this way, turn out to be more useful, simple, and pleasing.

  3. A positive experience improves people’s lives.

    Improving means making people feel at ease and satisfied, and it means making the moment they go through the experience more natural and enjoyable.

  4. A positive experience goes beyond people’s expectations.

    Being able to surprise people in a positive way is proof of a high-quality experience.

  5. A positive experience is simple and clear.

    A positive experience is self-explanatory because it’s intuitive and crystal clear.

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