In order to be simple and effective, a product or service must be designed so that it can adapt to changes induced by business goals, to evolving client behavior, and to the context in which the product or service is used.

Evolutive experience design (evo) is our revolutionary work process that focuses on the evolution of experience and, over time, improves the products and services it is applied to.

evolutive experience design

Evo: the experience design process aiming to create value over time

  1. A fast and smooth start.

    Evo swiftly brings to market a basic (MVP - Minimum Viable Product) and high-quality version of your product or service that is highly adaptable and capable of developing its potential over time.

  2. Change Control and Management.

    The evolution process is efficiently managed through careful operation streamlining and experience monitoring tools that detect the real strong points and critical issues.

  3. Success over time.

    The project undergoes continuous improvement thanks to the input provided by people in a real context of use until we achieve an excellent experience, one that creates customer loyalty assuring you long-lasting success.

How it works: 5 steps from idea to success.


Set a clear vision.

Setting a clear vision of the product and service, defining what kind of experience you would like to offer is evo’s first crucial step. Together we will face these issues through workshops and business design techniques, setting up a project strategy.


Understand people and context.

Investigating the context of use and the behavior and needs of users allows us to make the vision deeper, stronger, and real. Thanks to research techniques, such as user testing and guerilla ethnography, we reach a deep understanding of what opportunities of improvement a product or service actually has.


Explore potentiality.

We work alongside you to develop a series of design concepts for your product or service, perfecting the models developed on the basis of our vision, user insights, and context of use. Through a later phase of refinement we design customer experience and define the MVP and its evolution strategy.


Design experience.

Working with users, we design and prototype form and function of the various touchpoints needed to develop the MVP, defining it in detail: from the graphic user interface, to interaction features, to the service model.

We guarantee product management support to the technological partner involved, since we don’t take care directly of software development, to guarantee the quality of experience.


Monitor and evolve towards success.

In a real context of use we start an iterative process that, through continuous monitoring of experience, reveals critical points and opportunities for enhancement, improving the features and the design of your product or service, optimizing it and keeping it state-of-the-art.

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