Our vision

A world where people live experiences over their expectations.

Our goal is to help companies and organizations understand, design and deliver future-proof future-proof products, services, systems and processes that hat exceed people’s expectations.

We started out from an idea of Luca Mascaro and we’ve been offering our Experience Design services and strategic consultancy all over the world since 2006, working for the most important digital brands. Today we are one of the most renowned design firm in Europe, with a branch in Lugano (Switzerland), Atlanta (US) and San Francisco (US).

From September 2017 we are part of group

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Sketchin people

  • Luca Mascaro

    Luca Mascaro

    CEO & head of design

    Passionate about new experiences and design. His goal is enabling people to experience something surpassing their expectations.

  • Alessandro Galetto

    Alessandro Galetto

    GM & chief strategist

    Fascinated by technology, innovation, and people, he guides clients towards their future products, services, and processes.

  • Angela Capellupo

    Angela Capellupo

    head of accounting

  • Dario Dellanoce

    Dario Dellanoce

    marketing & communication

  • Francesca di Mari

    Francesca Di Mari

    marketing & communication

  • Pietro Masi

    Pietro Masi

    business partner

  • Michela Perotti

    Michela Perotti


  • Claudio Pustorino

    Claudio Pustorino

    PMO & team coach

  • Marco Tamburlini

    Marco Tamburlini

    senior strategist

Team Apollo

  • Giuseppe De Luca

    Giuseppe De Luca


  • Stefano Greco

    Stefano Greco


  • Francesca Sirianni

    Francesca Sirianni


  • Serena Tonus

    Serena Tonus


  • Elena Zordan

    Elena Zordan


Team Pathfinder

  • Cesare Bottini

    Cesare Bottini


  • Valeria Grauso

    Valeria Grauso


  • Laura Savino

    Laura Savino


  • Stefano Vetere

    Stefano Vetere


Team Pioneer

  • Marina Bassani

    Marina Bassani


  • Chiara Condemi

    Chiara Condemi


  • Mariko Flora

    Mariko Flora


  • Fabrizio Soldano

    Fabrizio Soldano


Team Sputnik

  • Sarah Corti

    Sarah Corti


  • Diego Franzini

    Diego Franzini


  • Matteo Petrani

    Matteo Petrani


Our values

  1. Experience is important
  2. Simplicity is our innovation
  3. Change is good
  4. Understand to design
  5. Teamwork does work
  6. Caring for our quality of life makes us better professionals

Our approach

Working smart

in small, multidisciplinary & focused team (with you).

Working lean

iteratively on incomplete, imperfect & impermanent artifacts.

Working seamlessly

across physical & digital products, services, systems and processes.

Working together

to reach the project goals while spreading the design culture within your organization.

Our contribution to the design community

  1. Method Camp

    Annual meet-up for professionals to exchange views about innovative tools, methods and operations.

  2. UXConference

    The most important conference about user and customer experience in southern Europe since 2009.

  3. Public Speaking

    Talks held by our designers all around the world on topics such as UX, Service Design, Business Innovation.

  4. Education

    Politecnico di Milano, University of Applied Science and Arts of Lugano and many other academic institutions.

  5. Workshop

    Hands-on workshop about UX and experience design supplied to companies, training institutes, events.

Facts & numbers

  • 387’432

    Post-it® stuck

  • 3’600km

    Run during lunchtime

  • Boards sketched

  • 9.56TB

    Files stored on Drive

  • 35

    Events organized

  • 5’000+


  • 154

    Public speeches

  • 3,6

    Tech-gadget per person

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